Monday, February 19, 2018

Beware bogus debt collection and IRS phone calls

After an 8-month sabbatical that took me to a new job in a new state, I'm back to my blog. And guess what?! It's tax fraud season again! A few things to know:
  • If a debt collector calls you, hang up. 
  • File your taxes early, before an impersonator does it for you.
  • If the IRS calls you, hang up. Remember that the IRS will never phone you asking for money. 
Always beware of fake "debt collectors," fake "attorneys" claiming to be helping a loved one in jail, fake government agency representatives, or anyone calling you for money. It's also not a bad idea to screen incoming calls and don't answer numbers you don't recognize. Legitimate callers will leave a message.

​For more information on this new debt collection scam that goes after your IRS refund, see Brian Krebs' blog posting IRS Scam Leverages Hacked Tax Preparers, Client Bank Accounts at