Saturday, November 7, 2015

How Not To Be Hacked: The Definitive Guide for Regular People

Earlier this week, my boss told me of a special speaker coming to our office soon: consultant, author and fellow Atlanta resident James J. Deluccia, IV. My boss then handed me a signed copy of James' newly released book, called How Not to be Hacked: The Definitive Guide for Regular People.

The book is a quick and easy read. James shares the most essential tips for keeping your data and your family safe and secure online.

On pp. 141-144 of the book is a nicely summarized list of all the tips that James has to offer to regular folk who are not security experts or don't do this stuff for a living.

One of those tips is about using two-factor authentication for every online account you access that involves your money. This includes banking web sites, credit card account logins, retirement account web sites (frequently accessed through your employer benefits portal), bill payers, online retailers who have your credit card number, homeowners association (HOA) sites where you pay your dues, online brokerage firms, your pet insurance seller, or any web-based site where you are moving money. And that is exactly the topic of my next posting.

James' book already has a unanimous 5-star rating on Amazon and is available for just $12.99. This is a great gift for anyone and everyone you know who has a computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

A perfect Christmas gift for someone you love! If you read the book, please post your comments here. I'd love to hear from you.

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