Monday, August 15, 2016

Two "MySSA" Social Security Administration phishing scams to watch for

Description (official alert is here)

  • In the first scam, you receive an official-looking email from the Social Security Administration (SSA), inviting you to create an account so you can receive benefits. The link lands you on a fraudulent web page where scammers hope you will input your confidential information.
  • In the second scam, the bad guys actually create an account for you and then redirect payments to a bank account that they control.

Prevention tips:

  • As always, stop, think and do not click! Navigate to directly from your web browser.
  • Create your own MySSA account with a strong username and password at This is similar to filing your tax return early before the bad guys file a bogus return and steal your refund.
  • When creating your MySSA account, under Add extra security, enable two-factor authentication via text message.
  • After you create your MySSA account, go to settings and choose the option that any changes to your bank account be done physically at a SSA branch office instead of using your online account.
  • Alternatively, block all electronic access to your Social Security record. See To unblock your record in the future requires contacting the SSA.

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