Sunday, November 6, 2016

Election scams - Don't fall for them

It is officially election week in the United States. This opens up lots of opportunities for social engineers and crooks to take advantage of voters. Emotions are high right now, making it tough for us to be at our best, but this is exactly the time to be vigilant.

Be on the lookout for online scams and, as a rule, just don't click. Phone scams abound too—just hang up.

For example, if you receive a message inviting you to vote by texting, forget it. Delete the message. You can't sit in your living room and click a link to vote—at least, not this year. You also cannot vote by phone.

Stay on the lookout for last-minute "urgent" messages saying that your voter registration has expired or your polling station has moved. Ignore requests for last-minute donations to win the election in your party's favor.

Another good way to be duped is through fake email messages purporting to deliver the latest election results. Do not click links or attachments! If you want to know the latest, navigate to your favorite news site in your web browser, or turn on your TV. Don't ever expect emailed or texted links about news articles to be legitimate.

For more information, see the November 3 Huffington Post article: Watch out for these last-minute election scams.

Stop. Think. Do not click!

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