Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Scam email from Mystery Shopper recruiter

Thinking of working as a mystery shopper? It's a legitimate business, but be aware that these companies don't recruit by email.

Here is just one example of a fraudulent email designed to trick you out of money:

How the scam works

You receive a bank check along with a request that you deposit it immediately and then go shop; you are also told that you'll get to keep some of the money. But the scammers ask you to wire the remaining money back to them right away. As you might have guessed, their check is bogus but the money you wire back is real.

Things to remember

  • When you receive a check, wait until it fully clears before spending it.
  • Never accept a check for more than what is owed with instructions to send back the rest. 
  • Always be wary if you are asked to wire funds.

Think before you click!

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