Sunday, May 12, 2019

Seven behaviors that make you vulnerable to fraud

AARP Magazine regularly publishes extremely useful content about scams conducted by phone and email. Recently, AARP released a relevant article about what makes us vulnerable to fraudsters. Here are those seven personality traits:
  1. You respect authority.
  2. You like to please people.
  3. You are cocky.
  4. You slipped up once.
  5. You're friendly.
  6. You are under stress.
  7. You're lonely.
In a nutshell, we are vulnerable because we are human. The best way to avoid becoming victim to fraud is not to believe everything you hear or see, and to put a stop to the bad habit of clicking links and opening attachments without first thinking and validating the source.

For the full article, see, by consumer fraud experts Amy Nofziger and Mark Fetterhoff.

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