Saturday, May 9, 2020

Ignore child pornography scares

Hackers will do anything to get your attention, including making threats against you based on fraudulent claims you've been watching child pornography on your computer.

While most of us are a bit on edge right now, as we attempt to adjust to an uncertain new world amidst COVID-19 fears, we need to maintain good sense and not let our fears get the best of us.

Security expert Brian Krebs warns of a new email scam suggesting that someone using your unique IP address or network interface card address ("MAC") has been caught viewing child pornography. The sender name is fraudulently displayed as "Microsoft Support," and the message indicates that your Windows license will be suspended unless you call a particular number to reinstate it.

This story is so far out there that some of you may wonder how people can possibly fall for this scam. But the truth is, given the right state of mind and circumstances, any one of us can fall victim to a social engineering attack. And the elderly and mentally challenged are prime targets for a scam like this.

Always be skeptical of any email containing a threat or false accusation.

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